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Seer Green Church of England School

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At Seer Green CE School our aim is to provide a high-quality computing education through rich, deep learning experiences that balance all aspects of computing. It is designed to enable children to use computational thinking and creativity to further understand our world.  The children will gain key knowledge and skills in the three main areas of the computing curriculum:

  • Computer science (programming and understanding how digital systems work)
  • Information technology (using computer systems to store, retrieve and send information)
  • Digital literacy (evaluating digital content and using technology safely and respectfully).

The objectives within each strand support the development of learning across the key stages, ensuring the children are equipped with all the necessary skills to enable them to become independent learners and are confident for the future where technology plays a part in everyday living.


At Seer Green CE School, we follow a blocked curriculum using a clear and effective scheme of work that provides coverage in line with the National Curriculum.  We have a computing suite and a class set of iPads to ensure that all year groups have the opportunity to use a range of devices and programs for many purposes across the wider curriculum, as well as in discrete computing lessons. Employing cross-curricular links motivates pupils and supports them to make connections and remember the skills and knowledge they have been taught. The implementation of the curriculum also ensures a balanced coverage of computer science, information technology and digital literacy. The children will have experiences of all three strands in each year group, but the subject knowledge imparted throughout the key stages becomes increasingly specific and in depth, with more complex skills being taught, thus ensuring that learning is built upon.


Our school curriculum is influenced by our school vision, aiming to provide relevant knowledge and skills, which will see every child engaging with and valuing technology, whilst also flourishing as a computer literate individual, thus feeling prepared, curious, safe and excited about the world beyond.