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The service is able to discuss your needs with you and how to access food banks:


Allows you to search for food banks near you in a network of food banks in the UK:


The following links provide information about accessing food banks in the Buckinghamshire area and can be contacted to explore gaining access to food due to financial difficulties.

Emergency support from Buckinghamshire council for food (also emergency utilities):


Aylesbury Food bank:

Tel: 01296 395514 (Mon-Thurs 10:30am-5pm)


Chiltern Food bank:

Tel: 01494 775668


One Can Trust

Since 2011, One Can Trust has operated a foodbank based in High Wycombe, serving the town and the wider area of South Buckinghamshire. 

They provide weekly food parcels to those who need our help. We have seen a huge increase in requests for our support over the last few months due to the cost of living crisis. In addition to providing food for households who are struggling, we offer advice and support to help families tackle the causes of their financial difficulty.

To receive a parcel, clients need a referral from churches or the school. However, in situations where clients come directly to us and are not already working with one of our referring partners, we can issue an emergency parcel. If you would like us to make a referral on your behalf, please contact the school office in confidence.

All parcels are free,  and they do not charge for food or delivery.

 Tel 01494 512 277