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Seer Green Church of England School

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Seer Green School PTA

Registered charity no. 1071878


We are parents and teachers at the school who have regular committee meetings to plan and organize events. We are a registered charity with a formal constitution and the details of all committee members are registered with the charity commission.


Our aims are to raise funds for the school and to provide a variety of events which appeal to children, parents and families alike. We try to have fun whilst fundraising and also believe it is important that our events involve the broader village community as we all need to work together to support and sustain our village school. We welcome anyone to the PTA and if you are not able to be a full committee member we also have a group of “Friends of the PTA” who help out when they can. Any contribution of prizes, time, skills, or knowledge is always gratefully received. A schedule of the activities we are running this year is provided below.

The PTA’s goal is for money raised to benefit all children in the school.

PTA are committed every year to providing £9,000 to fund the PTA IT Suite.

Over the last few years, the PTA has also contributed to:

• The T-zone - an amazing all weather outdoor play area

• IPADs for the classrooms

• Netball nets and other sports equipment

• Microphones for the Jubilee Hall 

• Christmas Parties and Leavers Events

• Pop-up gazebos & BBQ for outdoor events

• Visualizers for all the classrooms

• Jubilee Hall chair trolley and straps

• New headphones for the IT suite and the classrooms

Discrete Projects

If you would like to help out but have only a small amount of time, please consider organizing a discrete project.

Friends of the PTA

Friends help out at events and lend a hand throughout the year. Please consider becoming a Friend of the PTA. We welcome both Mums and Dads to get involved. 

PTA Information for Parents

PTA Meetings

PTA Policies