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Seer GreenChurch of England School

If you are looking for a school place in September 2022, please call or email the school office for further details - 01494 676 344 - office@sgceschool.co.uk
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'I praise You because You made me in an amazing and wonderful way.' Psalm 139 :14 ICB

Reading and Phonics


Children at Seer Green CE School are taught to read using a synthetic phonics programme. Using ‘Letters and Sounds’ (DfE 2007) we aim to prepare children for learning to read by developing their phonic knowledge and speaking and listening skills. Through systematic daily teaching children can master the decoding strategies needed to blend sounds together and to segment words into their component phonemes. Our aim is for all children to be fluent readers by the end of Key Stage 1.

Reception children are taught Phase 2, 3 and 4 sounds using a variety of exciting and interactive methods. Jolly Phonics actions, songs and resources are used to support the children’s learning of these phases.


Year 1 children are taught Phase 5 graphemes which begin to introduce alternative spellings for phonemes they have previously learned.


Throughout Year 2 Phase 6 is taught to help children consolidate and embed their phonological understanding. Specific spelling and grammar rules are taught and applied.



At Seer Green CE School pupils are given a broad range of reading experiences aimed at fostering a lifelong love of reading. All pupils throughout school are frequently read to and have access to a rich, well-displayed environment in both the classroom and the library. Pupils are given time to read for pleasure during the school day, and it is expected that all pupils read at home on a daily basis. Throughout the school a progressive colour banded reading scheme is used to expose children to a range of texts at a comprehensible level. Whole school reading initiatives such as ‘Book Swap’ also encourage children to try new books from a range of genres.


Reading comprehension skills are taught in all year groups on a weekly basis and regular guided reading sessions help to develop specific skills related to understanding, interpreting and analysing texts.

Children are encouraged to use the library on a weekly basis. The school library is well stocked with a range of exciting fiction and non-fiction. Key Stage 2 pupils are welcome to use the library during lunchtimes for research and reading for pleasure.