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'I praise You because You made me in an amazing and wonderful way.' Psalm 139 :14 ICB

Talking about Coronavirus

Tools to Aid Discussion About Coronavirus.


We have gathered together a range of helpful resources to help you discuss the virus with your child/ren. Remember that they will be worried about what is going on in the world. However, they may not articulate these concerns clearly and directly. Instead they may display them through their behaviours, moods or by asking lots of questions.


Whilst shielding them from the worst of the news and the media coverage is a good idea - it is also vital that you have an open and honest dialogue with them too. Not talking about it does not make their concerns disappear, and they will feel safer and calmer if they have it explained to them in an age appropriate way.


What is Coronavirus? An explainer for Children.


An animation that explains the virus to children in a clear, easy to understand way. There is also an associated story book and downloadable activity pack (Links below)

NOTICE: YouTube is designed for over 13's. If you are going to use this channel to show your children some educational resources please ensure this takes place in your presence. This will avoid the child going on to see any other inappropriate videos that may be in the specific or general YouTube feed. Thank you.

Resources that accompany the animation above

Children's Commissioner - The Children's Guide to Coronavirus